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The oeuvre created by Michel van Overbeeke is characterised by its great versatility. In the middle of the sixties he begins to work as a graphic artist, draughtsman and painter. An obsessed artist. His inquisitive and restless nature spurs him on. He explores new disciplines, while experimenting with other materials and techniques. In more than forty years of artistic calling he has managed to mould vocabulary which is entirely idiosyncratic. In addition to his free two-dimensional work, van Overbeeke has also executed monumental assignments in ceramics, marble and synthetic material. Important sources of inspiration have been oriental philosophy, mysticism and literature. The rich source during the first phase in particular is the I CHING, book of changes. A work which can be considered as the common route of the two branches in the philosophy of Confucius and Lao Tzu.
Then gouaches are created, painted triptychs and beautiful graphic sheets. In those first years, texts, trigrams and hexagrams from this Chinese oracle and book of wisdom meander through his entire oeuvre like leitmotiv and form an essential part in the total visual image. The Mahabharata, too, an epic from India, particularly the part entitled the Bhagavad-gita, has contributed substantially to the rich fantasy world emanating from van Overbeeke’s work. Through the years an impressive oeuvre has developed with an idiom which is quite unique.
From the end of the eighties he also started to make major projects combining media like three dimensional works with painting, photography and video

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Galerie Helga Hofman
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Atelier Michel van Overbeeke
Haarlem, tel. 0653566594 or 023-5325608